Experiment #10: I Fucked Up.

I'm about to be political white noise on a day that isn't about winners/losers... we all just lost. All of us. I don't care if you voted Trump, Clinton, 3rd Party - we all lost because 'we' elected a one party congress, President, and (to-be) Supreme Court. If you're Republican and think this is the greatest day of your life, I urge you to reconsider this. One party legislature means that unless you support all of your parties ideals 100% (here: abortion, no gun control, tax breaks for wealthy, no minimum wage raises, no universal health care, no support for birth control like IUDs, women's rights, minority rights, stronger military, continued big government), you're in for a terrible ride with us.

I have not wanted to fight. Many of you my friends will resonate with this - we thought Trump rallies were hilarious, we thought the T-P signs were a small voice in America, we thought that we could just calmly post pictures of our breakfast on Facebook or pictures of our happy relationships and have Hillary elected President. That didn't happen, and it's our fault. 

At first, I blamed other people for this. This isn't fair, but I am going to outline it in completion for the sake of honesty. I mean, I voted. I posted on Facebook about my vote. I was cautious about my support for Hillary because at my core, I was pro Bernie. So, this wasn't my fault. Instead...

What. Have. You. Done.
Where was the voter turnout in Detroit against a man who says "there is no more racism"? (http://www.celebtricity.com/donald-trump-if-black-lives-dont-matter-then-go-back-to-africa/)

Where was the Latino vote against a man who openly states that Mexican immigrants are criminals and rapists (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/9-outrageous-things-donald-trump-has-said-about-latinos_us_55e483a1e4b0c818f618904b) ?

Where was the female vote against a man who embodies 1950s values? I won't stop you from being a housewife, but for fuck's sake, let me have the choice to be a scientist or a housewife. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/women/politics/donald-trump-sexism-tracker-every-offensive-comment-in-one-place/

What have you done Bernie-Bros that thought you could vote third party for your self-righteous "Hillary won't save the National Parks"? BernieBros

My home. My neighbors. My state. They hate me.
And probably the worst... why did my family fail me? My beautiful state of Michigan and my family that I love so much... failed me. They voted for a system that wants to directly limit women's right, rights that have led me to the place I am now. In a world where men STILL rape women (shocker I know), where women are constantly PRESSURED to have sex at younger and more vulnerable times in their lives, and in a system that tells women "why are you in science? You could be in an easier career like modeling", why are you voting to make it worse for young, future Lo's? My heart is breaking... where was Van Buren County, Michigan? Why my relatives do you hate me and what I am so much? I want a choice and you voted for legislature that will take away the choices I had. I am not being dramatic... this is already in place in Texas and Indiana. My people have turned against me in a blind hatred of a woman who was not perfect but was fundamentally progressive and supportive of the female and minority communities.

But when I woke up this morning, I came to the realization that this is my fault too. I never posted political posts. I never tried to rock the boat and offer reasonable arguments on why pretty much everyone except maybe uneducated white males should have voted for Hillary. I should have tried to generate the excitement and momentum that Bernie had. I should have tried to reach out. I should have been trying my damnedest to prevent the tragedy that is happening instead of sitting on the sidelines and expecting everyone to be thinking the way I am. Maybe it's not the right thinking, but I never again want to wake up on November 9th and think that I failed my country epically because I didn't try.

So at the end of the day, I fucked up. I must own up to my share of this happening. We all must own up to our share of this happening - voting for Hillary doesn't free you from your share in this. And as our National Parks are sold off for oil, as teenage pregnancies rise, as education declines... my friends, we must stand together and unite as the minority group we are. We must try to correct this as we can, even if it is just one life or one individual at a time. We must be there for each other, protecting minorities and women within our communities, pushing for clean energy and efficient resource allocation. We must be loud. We must not let the anger and the blind hatred stop us. We must stand up for ourselves.

I am going to fight. I promise here, today, my future children and my friends... I will try. For you. We will fight.

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