San Antonio, TX: Let's do Something Crazy

Up to no good
This post is less about "San Antonio: World's Greatest Tourist Destination" and more "Any place is wonderful when you're with wonderful people you love". As part of a work trip (!), I got to spend time this past week with one of my best friends, Kristie.

We can't all rest our legs on benches ;) 
In a lot of ways, we had like this perfect date weekend. Kristie picked me up at the airport after a slow motion run at each other (well, me running at her car). She then took me out to eat at a vegetarian restaurant and we walked along the river in down town San Antonio for hours under the stars. It was SO  nice (as I told Kristie approximately 1 billion times). I never thought I'd like San Antonio that much, but walking around the city with Kristie was like living the dream and laughing the whole way :D . The next day, Kristie and I woke up at the crack of dawn (but really, it was 5 AM or some ridiculous hour) to go to work (neither of us sleep).  I had meetings for most of the day, but eventually we were set free from work :)

What was on deck for that night? Obviously dyeing our hair. Kristie dyed her hair with henna and ended up with this beautiful deep red/purple mermaid like hair (caution: henna is a huge mess and takes hours to prepare). I dyed my hair purple black and it ended up... my natural hair color. I have no idea how that happened- my hair still had residual black in it from previous winter dye and it dyed that hair back to brownish red. I'm still trying to figure out what happened.

"Gee I hope this works" 
We decided to 'sleep in' till 7 AM the next before heading to work.... which was... work. After work, Kristie and I went for an epically long walk (she and I LOVE walks) and then pizza/margaritas (!). Really, if you're going to have an 'average' day, these are the average days I want. Of course, Kristie got compliments on her beautiful hair wherever we went. I didn't even pretend that I had dyed my hair the night before.
This is a GREAT life

Kristie, being an amazing host, planned for us to meet up with her friend Rachel the next day for Japanese tea garden hikes, crazy pool times, and relaxation time. Because it's hot in Texas (!?!?!), we went to the pool at Rachel's place and were terrorized by children aged 7-12ish for hours. Terrorized is pretty accurate here... they declared full out war on us and launched many (unsuccessful) volleys to reclaim the pool from us. Probably the most bizarre moment was when they began their strangulation campaign and attempted to jump into the pool via the tops of our heads... !!! 

Children are exhausting, so we spent the evening eating cupcakes, making plarn (for my backpacking pad project...!) and watching game of thrones. It was a totally peaceful way to end the trip... so San Antonio may not be the most epic of travel destinations, but wherever friends are, they are great times to be had :D
Dude, it totally sucks to be in any photo with supermodels Kristie and Rachel

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